23 Oct


Well guys, I had a fun time writing this. Thanks to everyone who read it and liked it.

I hope it gave you a glimpse into how the other side lives; and that goes for everyone. If you’re the BJJ guy who never trained in a McDojo, perhaps it makes McDojoites a little more understandable and less hateworthy. As for the drunken boxers, self teachers, and everyone over there, maybe you’ll see that real is always better than fake, and that there is no comparison between the two. Once I sampled real, I just couldn’t go back to the fake.

Speaking of real…if you’re wondering whether or not this is real or fake, whether or not I made this up or experienced it, well, that’s up to you. I can tell you I lived through every painful moment of it, but I can’t prove anything other than that I trained at all these places. On top of that, I don’t know how many instructors are going to admit to masturbating to farm porn, getting beat up by a student, doing pink fan forms, or any of this mess.

Either way, should you deem it to be fact or fiction, I hope you enjoyed it.


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